I haven’t made one of these playmats for a while, but I did enjoy making them. All the pictures are hand sewn and some have little pictures that are hidden in pockets or behind bits of material. They all have dark backing so they don’t get dirty, and for a couple of the ones I made for my friend’s, had carry case. They have wadding inside them, which can be removed so they are fully washable. Each one also had the child’s name sewn on somewhere on the pictures.

I made the first for my son, when I was living in Zambia and couldn’t find a playmat. He is nearly 7 now and uses it under his mid-sleeper bed to sit on while he makes things with his lego.  I then made one for my daughter, and that too, is under her bed. I made a couple for friends, I hope theirs are used as much as ours have been.

This is my son’s, and the purple and green one is my daughter’s

Will collageLaura play

These were made for friends. The reeds in front of the hippo drop down to reveal…. a crocodile.

Hugo collageSONY DSC

This one has little fish hiding inside a pocket., with little bells in the fish.

Adam collageSONY DSC

And finally, one with a furry cow!

Laura play

The only sad thing is that my kids are now growing up, and I’m not looking forward to the day that they decide they don’t want them at all! Until then, they’ll still be loved and used x