Upcycled trousers

A while back I was clearing out my son’s wardrobe and found a few pairs of trousers that had holes in the knees. Instead of chucking them out I’ve cut them up to make bags. There isn’t enough fabric to make them into a bag on their own, so I’ve used the fabric in pieces, like I often do with my bags, and teamed it up with new fabric. I’ve been very pleased with the results and also love that you have ready made pockets to add to the bag. I’m now on the hunt for old trousers and am looking carefully at my son’s current jeans. Here are the bags…..IMG_20151002_140910IMG_20151023_120734PhotoGrid_1444995466138PhotoGrid_1441917961348

Hopefully customers will like them and find them fun and funky. The denim with blue fabric and denim with flower fabric sold quickly, so I hopefully the others will go in the markets that I have coming up.


Change bags

I’m loving this oilcloth change bag I made recently. Made to order, its a messenger bag with lots of pockets. Vital for a change bag. As well as an outer zip pocket on the bag, there are two pockets for bottles and a larger pocket in the front. Inside are lots of pockets too. The problem is remembering where things are. To close it has two sets of magnetic snaps – one for full and the other for very full!! Versatile yet pretty. Perfect.

Leaf change bag

This bag isn’t oilcloth, but was also made to order as a change bag and came with a change mat and pouches to carry wipes and nappies.



All bags were made to order and range from £35 – £55, depending on fabric and size.