Bags, bags and more bags!

I love bags, and I particularly love pretty bags, with different patterns and colours. Big bags, small bags and ones inbetween. Here are just a few of the bags I’ve made over the last year, apart from the first one, which I made a few years ago and is still my handbag.


This next bag was made as a change bag and was also bought by some-one to use as a sports bag

owl bag collage2

This bag is made from South African schwe schwe fabric which is a wax print. When it’s new, the fabric is stiff, but once washed, it is lovely and soft. Lots of great patterns.

Shwe shwe collage

These next few bags were based on my bag but with pleats.


summer bag

And just a few more….

kerry bag

black and red collage

And finally a few with oilcloth.

biege oilcloth collage

owl oilcloth collage

So, many bags with different uses, different sizes and different fabrics, but all practical and fun to make!

(If you’ve seen a bag you like, or a style you like but you don’t like the fabric, just send me a message at and I would be happy to discuss what you would like)